The Prosperous Professional


As a therapist, coach or healing professional I know you love your work and are dedicated to serving our clients. We feel called to help others by working in a field that has a positive impact on individuals and our overall community. However, the business side of helping and healing can be challenging.

Most healers never received training in basic accounting and business management. Some  learned that working in the helping professions means sacrificing for others, and that the desire to earn more is evil; this is sometimes referred to as “Noble Poverty”.

Some people get so busy taking care of their clients that they neglect their own business needs. 

As a healing professional, do you-

…Find it hard to set fees that let you thrive, or offer a sliding scale when you can’t afford to?

…Have difficulty managing cancellations in a way that works for you?

…Find it challenging to earn enough money in private practice, or would like to earn more?

…Struggle to keep your practice full?


 If you are called to
finally thrive in your practice,

The Prosperous Professional is for you.


Many gifted healers like yourself have trouble managing the business side of their healing practice. This isn’t a personal failing, you were simply never taught the skills. Very few degree programs offer robust training on practice management, let alone how to build a practice so you can thrive.

The Prosperous Professional is a course designed for solopreneurs in the helping professions: therapists (licensed/pre-licensed), acupuncturists, clinical dietitians, Pilates teachers and even owners of stand-up paddle boarding companies!  The curriculum combines the nuts and bolts of managing a practice with an exploration of what’s keeping you from reaching your goals.  

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Here’s what we’ll be covering in the 10-week LIVE online course:

1. The art of fee setting- You’ll learn how to stick with your full fee while offering strategic sliding scale slots. (I’m all for social justice, but we must pay ourselves first!).

2. Time management- How to lovingly set boundaries with more demanding clients and manage your time more efficiently.

3. Goal setting- How to create and achieve clear, measurable, PROSPEROUS, goals for your business. You’ll be able to develop procedures and choose systems/technology to support your business goals.

4. Business planning- Implement  a long-term strategy for your business that feels realistic, exciting, and achievable.

5. Financial recovery- Unpack your old money stories through writing exercises and live discussions. Learn practical steps you can take to track your money and avoid financial vagueness.

6. Manage Business Countertransference- Discover the ways your personal history (code word for childhood) impacts your business decisions and start making wiser choices. 

7. Master the initial client phone call- Learn how to assess client fit and successfully command your fee with new clients.

8. Marketing for People Who Don’t Like to Market-You’ll learn how to market, network and connect with ideal clients in ways that are authentic to you AND are profitable.

My intern (LPCC associate)
was able to create a full, profitable private practice
in less than nine months,
using the principles I’ll be teaching you in this course.


 Let me support you

in becoming a Prosperous Professional
by teaching you to skillfully manage
your client frame, time and money

Maria Gray The Prosperous Professional

I’m Maria Gray,

your teacher and guide

As a successful software consultant turned therapist, I have both the business knowledge and the healer’s heart to help you succeed.  I’ve been teaching private practice workshops for the last three years and it’s been so impactful for my local students. I’m making it available to a larger online audience, so that more healers and helpers can experience prosperity and ease. 

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The Details

Every 2 weeks you’ll receive instruction and homework that will help you become a Prosperous Professional.

Five live ZOOM Sessions- We’ll meet every two weeks on Friday from 3:00PM-4:30PM Pacific Time for a LIVE 90-minute video conference via ZOOM. The conference will be recorded and made available afterward.  

Five live ZOOM office hours- I’ll be available on alternate Fridays from 3:00PM-4:00PM Pacific Time for weekly 60-minute LIVE ZOOM group meetings to help answer your questions and provide support between sessions.

You’ll have access to an online community of other healers, and me, where you can ask questions and receive support through our online classroom and private Facebook group.

Your investment: $700

Pay in full, or, pay in 3 payments of $250

Class size is limited to 30 people to give you a rich and supportive environment

I’m offering one partial scholarship to someone who can demonstrate a financial need.

Call or email with any questions: 310-319-6500 or connect with me here

Here are some testimonials
from healers who have taken my private practice workshop

Maria truly knows her stuff when it comes to helping people start or expand their private practices. In her workshop, she encourages us to find the flow of business that works for each person – no “cookie cutter” solutions here! I was given tools to allow me to figure out what I wanted in my practice, down to how many people to see, systems for tracking and scheduling, fees, marketing, and what I wanted my practice to be about. I can’t recommend Maria’s program enough!
— Lauren Anton, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist laurenantonrd.com
“Attending Maria Gray’s workshop was exactly what I needed. Prior, I had no idea what was needed to open a private practice. By the time I left the workshop, I had all the knowledge needed to open a practice. Shortly, after attending the workshop I was able to legally start my business. Maria has been helpful to me even after the workshop to answer any remaining questions. She is approachable, prepared, skilled and a great teacher. I currently have a thriving private practice and I owe it to Maria Gray!
— Michelle Matthews, LCSW michellematthewstherapy.com
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To join us in JUNE,
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