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do you need business consultation?

As a therapist, coach or healing professional I know you love your work and are dedicated to serving our clients. We feel called to help others by working in a field that has a positive impact on individuals and our overall community. However, the business side of helping and healing can be challenging.

Most healers never received training in basic accounting and business management. Some  learned that working in the helping professions means sacrificing for others, and that the desire to earn more is evil; this is sometimes referred to as “Noble Poverty”.

Some people get so busy taking care of their clients that they neglect their own business needs.  .

I offer 1/1 business consultations for solopreneurs (therapists, acupuncturists, clinical dietitians, etc.) in private practice.

Here are some of the areas where I can support you:

  • Fee setting - Would you like to raise your fees? Maybe you are having trouble sticking with your fee and find yourself sliding when you can’t afford to. Do you have trouble enforcing your cancellation policy? Sometimes old ideas about money can prevent us from asking to be paid what we are worth, I’ll help you uncover what’s getting in the way so you can earn what you deserve.

  • Growing your practice - Are you ready to expand your practice and need some help with marketing and networking ideas? I can help you optimize your marketing/networking strategies and create an achievable expansion plan.

  • Starting a private practice - Are you just starting out in private practice? Maybe you’re transitioning from agency work to being self-employed. I’ll provide you with all the steps you need to build a thriving practice.

I’m Maria Gray, LMFT, your consultant and guide. I spent 20 years working in corporate technology where I was responsible for implementing software systems for Fortune 500 companies, managing teams and project budgets. I’ve had lots of practice negotiating my rate, marketing myself and developing referral networks. I continue to explore the ways my childhood money stories impact my success and I’m passionate about helping others uncover the beliefs that block them from earning what they deserve.

I’ve been offering individual consultation and teaching workshops for the last four years. Here are two testimonials from people who have taken my workshops.


My rate for business consultation is $200 per 50-minute meeting or $750 for a package of four. We can meet via ZOOM or in my Century City office. Packages included unlimited email access in between meetings.

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