Psychotherapy provides an environment where you can develop a working relationship with me and share your thoughts and feelings. Eventually you will be able to do so in your life outside of the therapy room. Practicing in the “here-and-now" means we will explore issues as they occur right in the moment. The past informs our work, but we won’t be spending months on an archaeological dig of your childhood.

 As we work together you will learn to:

  • Develop more satisfying relationships

  • Uncover old ideas about the past so you can live differently today

  • Feel your feelings without becoming overwhelmed by them

  • Learn how to regulate your nervous system

Our work is collaborative and tailored to your specific needs. Some clients come in once a week for individual therapy; others prefer group therapy or a combination of individual and group psychotherapy. Together we’ll identify an approach that suits you. 

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I offer teletherapy via video or phone for clients who reside in the state of California. This may work well for you if you have a health condition, childcare limitations, unpredictable schedule, or just prefer not to drive in LA traffic. Contact me at 310-319-6500 to learn more about telemedicine.