Taking a break

How do you unwind at work?

andrew-tanglao-304626-unsplash coffe break.jpg

Many professional athletes have specific pre-game routines. Serena Williams ties her shoes the same way before each match. Also, on her first serve, she makes sure to bounce the ball exactly 5 times and twice on her 2nd serve. My pre-game (pre-client) routine consists of exercising in the morning, followed by meditation. When I arrive at the office, I review my calendar for the day and briefly scan my client notes.

Lately I’ve been trying to expand my “between-client” routine. My friend Nora McIntire is an acupuncturist who created a short Qi Gong video that I use when I’m feeling tired in between sessions. Sometimes I take out my yoga strap and tend to my very tight hamstrings. I also have two crystals that I pick up and hold when I want to feel grounded. Other times I’ll step outside for a few moments to feel the sun on my face and take a few breaths; I need different things at different times of the day.

Every day I take ninety minutes for lunch, so I have time to eat and go for a walk. After work, I sometimes decompress by watching an old Seinfeld episode or taking a hot bath while reading a good book (no psychology books allowed!).   

What do you do between sessions?

Photo by Andrew Tanglao on Unsplash