What's so great about group therapy?

Here are some of the ways group will benefit your clients-

  • When your clients participate in a group they realize that their problems are not unique and that they are not alone.

  • Groups are comprised of members with different levels of recovery. Seeing other people who are coping well provides hope to those who are just beginning the process.

  • Therapy groups are just like families. Members get to explore the way childhood experiences are impacting their relationships in the present.

Here are some ways group will benefit your practice-

  • Witnessing an individual client interact in a group setting will offer you some insight into the way that client interacts with people in his/her personal life.

  • Groups are exciting and dynamic, and the experience will provide you with an opportunity to use clinical skills you don’t get to practice with individual clients.

  • If the client is not in individual therapy, they might decide to see you for concurrent group and individual therapy.

I am currently offering a women’s process group in my practice on Monday evenings. If you are interested in learning more about group therapy, check out www.gpala.org.