Somatic therapy

reconnect to your life force


is your past getting in the way of your present?

Do you…

  • experience anxiety/depression at times when everything on the outside seems fine?

  • struggle with intimate relationships?

  • feel that there’s something wrong or bad about you?

  • find yourself repeating the same self-destructive behaviors?

  • come from a family where there was substance abuse and/or mental illness?

  • feel triggered by noise?

  • have trouble enjoying life?

  • find your mind disconnecting from what is happening in the moment?

You may be experiencing symptoms of trauma. Children who grow up in stressful environments sometimes develop survival mechanisms that no longer serve them as adults.


 I can help.

Maria Gray Los Angeles Therapist

I’m Maria Gray, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT #85366), providing psychotherapy to individuals, young adults and groups in Los Angeles, CA

My approach combines a bottom-up approach (somatic therapy) with top-down (talk) therapy. We’ll work together to help you restore your sense of connection to your brain and body, so you can feel more like yourself.

I specialize in addictions and trauma and I have a passion for working with individuals who are recovering from addiction and those who grew up around addictive and/or mentally ill family members.

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My areas of specialty include:

  • Trauma

  • Addictions

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Grief and loss

  • Relationship issues

  • Adult Children of Alcoholics

  • Existential issues (life transitions)

  • Debting and Underearning 


Practicing in the “here-and-now"

explore issues as they occur right in the present 


As we work together you will learn to:

  • Develop more satisfying relationships

  • Uncover old ideas about the past so you can live differently today

  • Feel your feelings without becoming overwhelmed by them

  • Regulate your nervous system

Our work is collaborative and tailored to your specific needs. Some clients come in once a week for individual therapy; others prefer group therapy or a combination of individual and group psychotherapy. We will work together to identify an approach that suits you.

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A little bit about me:

Maria Gray Los Angeles Therapist

My longstanding meditation and yoga practice informs my work.

I applied my counseling skills in the business world during a long, successful career in Human Resources Information Systems. During a break from a busy corporate job, I became inspired while attending a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. After returning from the trip revitalized and invigorated, I returned to graduate school and started my private practice.

I’m certified in both Brainspotting and EMDR. I also completed a 2 year training and certification in the NeroAffective Relational Model (NARM), a clinical approach that combines a focus on the nervous system with an exploration and curiosity regarding clients’ thoughts and emotions.

These three therapeutic models are resource and wellness-oriented, as well as non-pathologizing.  The emphasis is on helping clients re-establish connection to their bodies and to the parts of self that are organized, coherent and functional.


B.A. Psychology,
The University of Vermont

M.A. Clinical Psychology,
Antioch University

M.Ed. Counseling Psychology,
Boston University